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One of the most significant obstacles to those starting companies in the hiring process.  There are so many roles to fill, and knowing when to serve them and who to fill them with can be fraught with frustration and concern.  A particular pitfall for those hiring presently can be in determining how to hire developers.  Developers have become vital to most enterprising companies, and it can’t be understated the significance of finding good developers, especially for a tech start-up.  Developers do precisely what their title says–develop software to help make your vision come to life.  While there are plenty of people entering the space of technology, not many assessing and employing developers will be pivotal since they will be bearing the brunt of creating the vision you perceive.


Step One: Clear Goals


When beginning hiring a developer, the first step needs to be making sure you are fully aware of what you want to accomplish and what specifically developers can do to make that accomplishable.  This can be a simple choice: are we targeting mobile or web users?  Knowing which platform you will be utilizing will help you find a more specialized developer.  But say you want to be accessible on all platforms across all operating systems? That will require a developer fluent in React, NAtive, Xamarin, Flutter, and Iconic.  So knowing what your product is and how you want to present it to an audience is pivotal to understanding what kind of development you need.


One of the easiest ways to develop a clear set of goals is to look at the market you hope to compete within.  Look at potential competitors and consider what their products offer, what they lack, their flaws, who they are selling to, and how they are selling.  There is no need to reinvent the wheel in many of these circumstances.  If you have a product that already exists in multitudes, it will probably be challenging to break into a market.  But if you take the time to determine what other products lack, you can look for and hire developers who can accomplish the specific tasks that will make your product stand out.


What To Look For


Knowing what to look for is also pivotal in software development.  First and foremost, you have to understand that development is rarely a one-person job.  Even if you hire what’s known as a “full-stack” developer, there are probably still particular tasks probably are still specific tasks that are outside the scope of their skillset.  Therefore you should consider that you’ll probably need to hire a team of developers to lift your idea off the ground.  This team should be diverse in skillset to maximize their problem-solving capabilities.  The general roles you will find on a development team are The Architect, The Backend Developer, The Frontend Developer, The Full-Stack Developer, and The Mobile Developer.  When hiring, you want to start with these five roles to fill out your development team.  Research each position before you post a listing so that you can create a specialized job description that allows potential employees the opportunity to understand what they will be doing for you and your company.