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2020 provided a seismic year in so many ways that the tremendous changes in cybersecurity almost when unnoticed.  With the Russian Federation allegedly hacking into Solar Winds, we should all see a signal that cybersecurity is far less secure than we realized.  Solar winds consistently trend as the highest-ranking security software for businesses to use, and the U.S. government even utilizes it.  If targeted brute force attacks could crack it, it portends a scary future for cybersecurity software.  With that in mind, if you want to protect your business’s information, here are five of the current top-of-the-line models in cybersecurity.  (You’ll want to keep yourself updated on this information periodically, as often the threats develop as fast as the safety’s made to counteract them).




With three options: Essential, Pro, and Verified, intruder presents an excellent choice for businesses of any size.  It quickly takes the cake in the popularity contest of cloud-based protection software.  Its network vulnerability scanner allows you to find holes in any system: pivotal to secure both company and consumer data.  It has an awareness of over 9,000 security vulnerabilities, provides unlimited security scans on-demand, and is generally beloved by all who utilized it.




Syxsense is renowned for its security scanning, patch management, and remediation: a one endpoint security solution for your IT team to work alongside.  What makes Syxsense particularly exciting is its ability to allow your IT team and your security team to collaborate with one console, which provides swifter solutions to close attack vectors.  Further, this program will scan for vulnerabilities while constantly patching everything.   An elegant feature is its ability to quarantine a device by isolating an infected device to the internet, isolating the endpoint, and killing malicious processes before they spread.


Sparta AntiVirus


Sparta has been around for ages, and it’s easy to understand why.  Few security softwares can compete with Sparta’s unparallel history of success in removing malware and fixing pc/mac issues in a single click.  Particularly useful for home computers, Sparta is a full range software design to keep your environment safe from malware, viruses, trojans, phishy websites, and the like.  Share Sparta with a loved one who has a tough time distinguishing safe sites from dangerous ones.




Snort describes itself as “an open-source intrusion prevention system capable of real-time traffic analysis and packet logging”.  For most reading, this is relevant only to the Windows platform, not Mac (FreeBSD, Fedora, and Centos can also support it).  A boutique experience for a smaller business, snort provides a secondary defense behind your firewall for those who want to be extra secure.